CMS Editor Pasting & Cleanup

Publishing in the editor is where the "Rubber Meets the Road". When it comes to getting content on a page you'll need to intimately know the details taught in this lesson.

Techniques learned in this lesson cover pasting, text cleanup, and formatting.

First Things First

The TDG Interactive CMS, as will all content management systems, is not a word processor. All content should be written in a word processor and approved by all parties before it is published to a web page. This includes images too. So, let's make the assumption that you are doing the same and that you will be using Microsoft Word to write all content. Examining this Word file we see it has a headline, subhead, paragraphs and a bullet list. After its pasted into the editor we'll add an image and links.

Although it seem intuitive that you should be able to copy from Microsoft Word and paste into TDG Interactive CMS, it is not possible. Doing so will corrupt your web page. Blog and Content Management platforms similar to TDG Interactive CMS also offer great WYSIWYG editors as well. All allow users the ability to add text and photo content.

These WYSIWYG editors are similar, but there is one common frustration that manifests when users cut and paste content from MS Word. When content is pasted directly from MS Word to any CMS, “bad” code often gets pasted over in the process. MS Word, or ANY Word Processor, styling code will corrupt the HTML/CSS styling of ANY CMS. Some CMS editors offer an additional feature to “clean” MS Word code while pasting which work to varying degrees.

How to Clean Text from a Word Processor

In Microsoft Word select all the copy and paste it into Notepad. Notepad is a text editor included with your computer. By pasting into Notepad all formatting will be removed.

Now, select all the copy in Notepad and copy it again. The text "clean" and ready to paste in the TDG Interactive CMS editor.

NOTE: If you don't know where Notepad is on your computer go Start Menu >> All Programs >> Accessories. Notepad should be there.

Paste and Set Initial Format

Switch to TDG Interactive CMS, click into a content field and paste.

IMPORTANT: Before you begin any styling of your text follow these steps:

1. Select All
Click into the text field and select all.

2. Click Paragraph Button
In the second row of the editor click the Paragraph button.

3. Set the Style to Normal (P)
Click the Normal (P) option.

Doing this first step will ensure the default style of text will match the rest of your website.

Finish Cleaning the Text (1)

After formatting all the text as Normal (P) it will look something like this. In HTML, two code tags you will need to understand are

= Paragraph and
= Line Break AKA: Soft Return. Rarely, you will want a

and a
one after the other. The above diagram demonstrates this.

1 The Inserted Cursor
Click into the editor, use your arrow keys (on your keyboard) to move the cursor up, down, left and right.

2. View the HTML tags
As you move the cursor around in the text the related HTML tags.

Finish Cleaning the Text (2)

The fasted way to remove the extra
tags, or any tag, is to click on the tag in the tag bar then, click the Remove Tag button. You can also click anywhere and press the Delete (Backspace) key if you like.

Continue down the page are remove all the extra

Make Bullets

After the extra
tags are removed it's time to format the bullet list. Although it may appear these bullets are correct, notice how the second line of text for each bullet isn't wrapping correctly.

1. Select Text
Click and drag to select the text that should be bulleted.

2. Click the Bullet Button
You'll see the formatted bullets in the next step.

Format Bullets

After clicking the Bullet button the correct bullets are in place the incorrect buttons are still there.

1. Correct Bullets
Shows the bullet list correctly formatted - incorrect bullets and extra spaced removed.

2. Remove Incorrect Bullets and Extra Spaces
Just select the incorrect bullets and extra spaces and delete them. Continue until all the bullets are formatted correctly.


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Make Your Life Easier

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