View Email Campaigns

Email campaigns are the emails you send out to your contacts.
Each email campaign you plan, create, and send out transmits an email, based on an HTML or plain text template (or both), to each of the addresses stored in the contact list you select. In this Chapter we will discuss Viewing, Creating, and Sending Email Campaigns.

Email Campaign Options

To view an existing email campaign you already created, click Email campaigns in the navigation bar, then click View email campaigns. This screen allows you to view and manage all email campaigns you have created in the past (whether you already sent them or not).

View Email Campaigns

1. Create an Email Campaign
Click this to begin building a new email campaign.

2. Create a Split Test
Click this to begin configuring a new split test. Split tests are an advanced feature that compare two or more campaigns to each other by sending a percentage of each to your contact list. Based on user preference to determine which is most effective, a winner is chosen and the remaining contacts receive the winner. Contact your account manager or send an email to for help with split tests.

3. Choose an action
Select one or more email campaigns, select an option from the list and click Go to perform the selected action.

4. Information
Information available in the View Email Campaigns includes the campaign Name, Subject, Creation Date, Last Sent, Owner, Active and Archive.
NOTE: An import item is Archive. Archived campaigns are available to be viewed by putting a link to in on your website. In general, keep all your campaigns active and archived.

5. Action
Actions include View, Send, Edit, Copy and Delete.
NOTE: don't Copy email campaigns in an effort to create a new campaign. It will continue to add statistics to the one it was copied from, corrupting your analytics. Always start from "new".


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